Mastering the Art of Everyday Courage

Tired of people-pleasing, over-giving, and should-ing on yourself? 

It is time to unleash your inner Polite Rebel!

Could You Be a Polite Rebel?

Hi! I'm Sherri. I’m a recovering people-pleasing shape-shifting doormat.

And hello to you, my little Polite-Rebel-in-Training! I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you…

  • Consider others’ needs and desires before your own
  • Have sloppy or nonexistent boundaries
  • Feel taken advantage of
  • Are often exhausted and overwhelmed
  • Say yes to things you don’t really want to do
  • Never seem to have enough time to do what you want/need
  • Don’t speak up or stand up for yourself
  • Fear “ruffling feathers” 
  • Resist asking for what you want/need
  • Don’t want to be a bother
  • Are often indecisive and doubt yourself
  • Need others to approve of the decisions you do make
  • Over-analyze
  • Over-apologize
  • Over-give your time, money, or energy
  • Work for free or less than you know you deserve
  • Don’t feel appreciated
  • Worry or assume that people are mad at you
  • Remain in relationships, jobs, or situations long past their “expiration date”
  • Sacrifice your health and wellbeing to care for others
  • Regularly “should” on yourself
  • Continue to ignore the pull from your inner guidance for a more expansive, joyful, peaceful, and authentic life experience.

If any of that resonates with you...Deep breath. Happy dance. You’re in good hands.

Why I Give a Rip

Why do I care about you tapping in to and cultivating your inner Polite Rebel? Because I know what it’s like on the other side of feeling overwhelmed, worried, exhausted, and depleted from over-giving and living a life that wasn’t authentic to me.  

And let me tell ya… it’s pretty damn awesome over here! And I want that for you.

Freedom to live and give on your terms; peace of mind with clarity and decisiveness; courage to be fully self-expressed; cultivating an ever-growing capacity to love and receive love…that’s the life of a Polite Rebel. 

Time to Be Your Own Superhero


You have something to share. A voice to be heard. It’s time to learn how to live your truth and express yourself fully, while leaving a wake of love behind you and a clear path to your dreams in front of you.

I believe there are no coincidences. That means that NOW is the perfect time to begin to unveil your inner Polite Rebel for your most juicy life experience. So let’s get busy! 

Your future self will thank you.

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